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Museums in Noordwijk
Museum Engelandvaarders
This museum is about how men and women escaped from occupied Holland during the Second World War and from England continued the battle against Nazi Germany and Japan.
Address: Bosweg 15
2202 NX Noordwijk aan Zee

Museum Noordwijk
Museum Noordwijk is an art-historical museum that excels through the exceptional collection, special housing and knowledge about the Noordwijk heritage. It is located in an almost 400 year old inner dune farm, one of the last in the Netherlands.
Address: Jan Kroonsplein 4
2202 JC Noordwijk

Space Expo Noordwijk
Everything about space travel can be seen and experienced at Space Expo in Noordwijk. Spacy and interactive.
You will be taken on a journey along distant planets and beautiful Milky Way galaxies. In the exhibition you get to know space travel in all its facets in a fun way. In addition to the rich history, Space Expo also shows the applications and the technology behind space travel.
Address: Keplerlaan 3
2201 AZ Noordwijk

Streekmuseum Veldzicht
In this museum on the edge of Noordwijk Binnen, flower bulbs, herbs and blaarkop cows are central.
Address: Herenweg 114
2201 AL Noordwijk

Tower Oude Jeroenskerk
The tower has 110 steps, is 40 meters high and the walls are no less than 2 meters thick! Upstairs you have a beautiful view of Noordwijk, the surroundings and the North Sea.
Address: Voorstraat 44
2201 HW Noordwijk

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Hotels in Noordwijk
Heeren van Noortwyck
De baak
Hotel van Oranje