Blue = museum (closed until May 2023)
Green = southern corridor system (closed until May 2023 due to bats)
Red = northern corridor system (closed due to work)

Opening Basic Opening Extended Special opening
When During opening During opening You can choose, provided a guide is available
Our offer You view our museum bunker independently A guided tour in our unique system of corridors + you view our museum bunker independently With guide, museum and corridor system
With guide, museum only
Availabilty From May 1 to August 31

+ October

From May 1 to August 31 From May 1 to August 31
From September 1 to December 31 Please note: after August 31, corridors will be closed due to the hibernation of the bats!
Your group Individual registration Individual registration Private company
(minimum amount € 90,-)
Not necessary

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Start times Between

10.00 and 16.00

See reservation.
You must be present at least fifteen minutes in advance and have bought your ticket, otherwise the reservation will expire. With your ticket you can already visit the fire control bunker.
Depending on the availability of a guide.
Museum If you opt for the last tour, you will visit our museum before the tour (30 to 45 minutes before the tour). At an arranged time
Adults €6,00 €9,00 €9,00
4 t/m 12 year €4,00 €6,50 €6,50
0 t/m 3 year free free free

The museum is not accessible for disabled people and wheelchairs.
Children only under guidance.

The museum does not have a toilet facility. For a toilet visit we refer you to the Museum Engelandvaarders where visitors of the Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk can make free use of.

Dogs are not allowed in the museum.

How to get there?
Address: Verlengde Bosweg 1
By Public Transport:
Bus lines from Leiden and from Haarlem all stop at the Vuurtorenplein in Noordwijk.

By car:
The Bunker Museum is located in the dunes in Noordwijk aan Zee, 500 meters north from the lighthouse in the dunes.
Parking space in the vicinity is rare. Therefore we advise you to park your car at the Wantveld (€ 10,- a day), which is only a five minute walk from the museum.

Beach Shuttle:
During busy summer days, the parking facilities at Noordwijk aan Zee are limited. On these days we advise you to use the Beach Shuttle.
The Beach Shuttle departs from the parking lot on the corner of Gooweg-Van Berckelweg. The use of the parking lot and the bus ride is free.