The foundation

Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk Foundation

Chairman: Victor Salman
Vice President: André van der Niet
Secretary: Angelique Heus
Treasurer: Joeri de Jong
Member: Jeroen van der Zalm
Member: Joan Rückert
Member: Rob Dorst

St. Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk
Verlengde Bosweg 1
2202 NT Noordwijk

Goal of our Foundation
The defense works, the S414 to preserve, protect, restore and furnish as a museum and make the other bunkers and corridors accessible to the public.

Opening up
The complex is open every year from May to August. All this in close cooperation with the municipality of Noordwijk and the Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland.

See Visit for the opening times of the museum.

What we have achieved
Much has been achieved since the founding of the Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk foundation in 2001. In 2004 the museum was opened in an ammunition bunker at the Bosweg. That same year began with the excavation of the first part of the corridors. In 2007, this part of the corridors was opened to the public. In 2012 a start was made on excavating a second part of the battery corridors, while the previously excavated part is being renovated further and further.
At the end of 2014 the exposition of the bunker on the Bosweg was moved to the fire control bunker in the dunes.

A small impression of what we have achieved

Slides from during the war to now and slides from 2004 to now.