Due to the corona measures, the museum will be closed throughout the 2020 season. We hope to receive you again soon.

The Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk consists of a series of bunkers from the Second World War. The museum is open to a limited extent in the period May-September; for the dates, see “Museum visit”. You can visit:

– the furnished fire control bunker (possible without reservation);

– the corridor system (advance booking required).

This allows you to form a picture of life in the bunkers during the war and the way in which the European coast was turned into a fortress by the Germans.

Larger groups can also request a visit outside the specified opening times.

The museum in the dunes
Intercommunication staircase between floors





Model of the corridor. (J.v.d.Zalm)

At 250 meters from the Bosweg, on the Verlengde Bosweg 1, lies on the cycle path in the Noordwijk battery, consisting of a fire control bunker, artillery bunkers, ammunition bunkers and residential bunkers connected by a tunnel system.
Volunteers have worked hard in recent years to make it possible to open up different bunkers and the corridors to the public.
The fire control bunker has been returned to its original state as much as possible.
This can be viewed during the opening hours without prior appointment. It is possible to visit a gun bunker and several crew bunkers under the guidance of a guide through the corridors.
Reservation is required for this visit.

In 2019 our museum received about 8.400 visitors. When will you come ?