Until May 1, there are no guided tours through the tunnel system in connection with the hibernation of bats and work activities. The museum part is available for group visits until 31 December.

Red closed until May 1. Blue available until December 31.

The Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk consists of a series of bunkers from the Second World War.

This allows you to form a picture of life in the bunkers during the war and the way in which the European coast was turned into a fortress by the Germans.

The museum in the dunes
Intercommunication staircase between floors





Model of the corridor. (J.v.d.Zalm)

At 250 meters from the Bosweg, on the Verlengde Bosweg 1, lies on the cycle path in the Noordwijk battery, consisting of a fire control bunker, artillery bunkers, ammunition bunkers and residential bunkers connected by a tunnel system.
Volunteers have worked hard in recent years to make it possible to open up different bunkers and the corridors to the public.

In 2019 our museum received about 8.400 visitors. When will you come ?
Reservation is required for this visit.