Glass walls in the audit office

Despite these times of corona in which we cannot receive visitors, work on the museum continues.
This week, glass partition walls were installed by the company Metaglas. With this, the calculators are safely behind glass.

Covid-19 virus

Due to government measures regarding the Covid-19 virus, the museum is currently forced to keep the doors closed. As soon as more is known about the measures and possible relaxation, it will be considered when the museum could open.

Volunteer evening December 2019

Now that the season is over, it was time to go through the season and future plans. The volunteers came to Heeren van Noordwijk to watch a presentation by the board and to ask questions. After the presentation we enjoyed a snack and a drink.

During the presentation Jan Heus shows the selected new clothing for the guides.

cheese party 2019

During the annual cheese party, the chairman Victor Salman presents the first donation card to Peter den Elzen, photo: Gerty Haasnoot