First opening day of the season

It’s already May this weekend. This means the hibernation of the bats is over and the museum season can start again.
Due to the May 5 route, a special rate applies for a visit including a tour on this first opening day.

With the May 5 route, old and young can go via walking and cycling routes past special places and war monuments in the municipality of Noordwijk.
Which have to do with WWI and WWII or other acts of war in which the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been involved in any way. The May 5 route can be taken throughout the year, but on May 5, 2019 there are various additional attractions to visit at special rates such as museums, the lighthouse and the Oude Jeroen tower.

New acquisition, a TVR

Today a old computer is placed in the fire control room of the fire chief.

Thanks to the National Military Museum for the loan and Historic Engineering for the beautiful restoration.

Bunkerday 2018

The interest in the Bunkerdag 2018 was a great success. The Command bunker and its corridors were allowed to receive no less than 1204 visitors, about 25% of whom were younger than 12 years of age.

Foto: Dorlf Harff

apply insulation observation post

After the installation of the plastic plates on the underside of the roof, it was now the turn of the inside of the roof.
Pluimers Isolatie has provided the inside of the roof with insulation.
With this we hope to prevent condensation from moisture.

Photo: Jan Heus