For the development of the museum and the opening of the corridors in the dunes, a lot of work has already been done in recent years. From 2013, the northern part of the corridors has been tackled. The work consists of excavating the corridors filled with sand and debris and all that is needed to open these corridors to the public. The fire control post, which has been made accessible earlier, is increasingly being brought back to its original state. The work is carried out by volunteers and has taken up some 45,000 hours from the start. Thanks to the work of the volunteers, it is becoming increasingly possible to give visitors an impression of what was built by the Germans during the war years.

adaptation fire control post

On the photo the trailer of De Jong metalworks.
On Wednesday, March 14, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) was mounted on the underside of the roof of the fire control post. These plates are resistant to the salty sea air and defense.
The company Jong metaalwerken b.v. in Schagen this has been commissioned by Precium Kunststoffen bv. in Alkmaar for the museum.

Photo: Jan Heus


In order to be able to safely close the third observation post, shutters have been placed that disappear when the roof is opened.

Bike racks

For schools pupils who come by bicycle, three racks have been placed in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer so that bicycles can be placed in an orderly manner this coming season.