Activities 2010

In 2010, the complex was connected to the electricity grid in the dunes.
The fire control post was further refurbished by installing new doors and re-applying the original colors to the walls.

We are working hard on the new doors for the S414. Photo: Jan Heus
Photo: Johan Gieske






The complex in the dunes is connected to the electricity grid. Photos: Jan Heus and Johan Gieske

Activities 2009

In 2009 the fire control post S414 was refurbished. New stairs were placed in the hallway to the ‘old’ fire control post. Photo: Gijsbert v.d. Niet

Winteractivities 2008

In 2008, helmet grass was planted at the exhibition bunker after the blocks had been fitted with tank barriers.
Furthermore, the ‘old’ fire control post was refitted and the corridors to the ‘old’ control post were strengthened.
Lighting was installed in the lower floor of the fire control post S414.

In the old “Leitstand” pressure is built up, to restore the original situation. Photo: Jeroen v.d. Zalm
The volunteers of the museum have installed the lighting in the last space of the lower floor of the S414. The main floor was already illuminated. Photo: Jeroen v.d. Zalm

Winter activities 2007

In the winter months while the corridors are closed for the wintering of the bats, the fire control post (S414) has been refurbished.
In April a number of meters of narrow-gauge railway, made available by the Stoomtrein Valkenburgse Meer foundation, was installed at the fire control post in the corridor.

The rails were installed by the volunteers in a part of the corridor. The narrow-gauge railway served to transport the ammunition from the storage bunkers to the artillery. Photo: Jeroen v.d. Zalm
Winter painter in action. Photo: Jeroen v.d. Zalm

Work access path

In 2006, access from the cycle path to the entrance to the bunkers in the dunes was completed.

The fence along the access path to the bunker complex is placed. Photo: Rinus Noort
Shells are brought with a truck. Photo: Jan Heus
The shell path is ready. Photo: Jan Heus

Progress work

In 2005, an entrance to the tunnel system was built and a door was placed in it. The volunteers have continued to remove sand. The fire control post S414 and the adjacent ‘old’ fire control post are made free of sand. This ‘old’ fire control post was in use before the large S414 fire control post was put into use in 1943.

View of the empty “old” fire control post.
The entrance to the corridors. The bricklaying is finished.

Start work

A bricklayer is busy installing a ship’s door to close the tunnel system for unauthorized persons.
Volunteers are waiting for a new wheelbarrow to fill up.
This part of the tunnel system still has to be dug empty.