15th anniversary of Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk

As part of the 15th anniversary of the Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk, a trip to Normandy was organized for the volunteers and their partners. This would actually take place last year, however, due to the long preparation time this year has come of it. With some 45 people on board a coach from the Royal Beech, the company left for the south on October 5th. The volunteers waited for an extensive program of visits to Museums. It was also there to get new ideas for the design of the current museum. Since it was almost 11 hours away, lunch packets from Kaashandel Peter den Elzen had been taken for the first day and the second day. Well known from bunker cheese. We slept at the Mercure Hotel in Port-en-Bessin and from there, a total of over 10 museums were visited in 4 days. The return journey was accepted again on Sunday. The volunteers (and partners) have enough energy to make another successful season next year.

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